August 2017 calendar 1August 2017 calendar



Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP

by Mary Ellen Copeland


A free ten week course currently in MILFORD. Create your own self-designed plan for wellness, focusing on personal strength and self-determination.

Contact Donna, Aroldo or Maria for more information (508) 751-9600

Coming again in October at Kiva.

Chakra Series

This month to concentrate on the root chakra.


Contact Joyce for more information (508) 751-9600

August 29, 2017   •   2:30~4:00   •   at Kiva

Special Events


Building Healing Communities Together


August 18–21   •   Boston   •  CLICK HERE for more details

The Six Principles of a Trauma Informed Approach include examples of safety, trustworthiness, empowerment, collaboration and peer support. This keynote will explore the data to connect the audience to the prevalence of trauma, the signs, and the dedication as a healing community to resist causing any further harm. The presentation will include day-to-day steps that help build trauma-informed communities and celebrate all efforts in raising our collective aptitudes.

Brenda Vezina is director of the Central MA Recovery Learning Community, where she focuses on relationships that support a person’s recovery from trauma. Her expertise is in building trauma-informed practices in organizations using the research of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs). She is executive producer of the documentary, What Happened to You?, that speaks to the cause and effects of childhood trauma and their relationship to public health. Brenda shares her own recovery story, and has been published in the blog, You Call Me Crazy. I Call Myself a “9”.